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DWS Building Supply originally named The Drywall Shop Corp. was established in 1974. Locally owned, and operated by Manuel Moreno Sr. and his wife Mrs. Socorro Moreno. Manny worked for 10 years as Assistant Manager at a local paint company prior to the inception of DWS Building Supply. Continuously bypassed for the managerial position and all the while realizing that there was a much greater need in supplying contractors who specialized in the walls and ceilings industry, he decided to move on. With his knowledge, ingenuity, work ethic and a vision, Manny started The Drywall shop.

Compiling their life savings of $2000.00, their pickup truck, a used forklift and four little kids in tow, Manny and his wife, Socorro, began their business venture. For two years, Manny held another job while Socorro ran the daily operations of the business. Then the day came when he was able to quit his second job and dedicate himself to running his own business full time. Within three years, The Dry Wall Shop opened its flagship store on the Eastside of El Paso on Lomaland, which has continued to be the largest and most successful store today. Now known as DWS Building Supply, we are one of the leading building supply companies in El Paso with two locations in El Paso, TX, with a total of 80,000 square feet of warehousing for inventory.

With the passing of both Manuel and Socorro, the company has changed ownership but the vision remains. Their four children, Manny Jr., Steven, Sandy, and Sabrina, now grown with families of their own, have made it their goal to continue their parent’s legacy and vision by expanding business into Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Together, the siblings have made it their purpose to continue to provide customers with unsurpassed customer service, reliable and dependable employees who are happy to serve our customers as well as continue to supply contractors with quality products and materials.

At DWS Building Supply formerly the "Drywall Shop", our customers come first. We have the equipment, staff, and resources to help you every step of the way. Need your product delivered? You got it! We offer a wide range of services and solutions to fit all your project needs such as: Submittals, On-site stocking, delivery, and more! all you have to do is ask.

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