Drywall Calculator

How much drywall do I need? – required drywall measurements

If you want our drywall estimator to calculate the number of panels you need, you will have to provide it with some data regarding your room. Make sure to input the following drywall measurements:
  • Room dimensions: you need to type in the length, width, and height of your room.
  • Room surface area: this value will be calculated automatically. Still, if your room has a different shape than a rectangular cuboid, you can also input the surface area directly into our drywall calculator. To calculate the area of some uncommon shapes visit our math calculators. Maybe one of your walls is trapezoid? Oh, and don't forget to check our circumference and circle calculators for some extravagant projects!
  • Drywall panel type: choose the size of the drywall panels you are going to buy. Our drywall calculator lists most common sizes in the USA and other countries. You may read more about the different sizes of drywall in the drywall sizes and drywall thickness paragraph.
Once you have decided on all of the values listed above, the sheetrock estimator will automatically display the number of drywall panels that you need. Remember to buy a bit more (ideally, 10% more) to account for all cut-outs, waste, and replacement.
Drywall Calculator
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