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Unicoat Stucco compounds and coatings are easy-to-use products, formulated for maximum durability and consistent performance.

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What is Stucco (Exterior Plaster)

Stucco, or exterior plaster, is a versatile concrete compound with an array of project applications.

For Best Results:

While stucco is a durable cement-based material, it can still break down and weaken over time. This can occur faster, if the product is applied incorrectly or misused.

Always follow best practices when applying stucco.

Stucco Maintenance & Repair

1Best Practices for Applying Stucco/Exterior Plaster

To prolong the live or your stucco application, professionals recommend:

  • Using a one-coat method (use of a base and finish layer)
  • Reinforce stucco on application site (wire lath recommended)
  • Apply a cement-based primer or moisture resistant barrier (for wood or light-gauge steel framing applications)
  • Spray stucco with water as it cures, if the weather is very dry
  • Recommended “finish coats”: acrylic finish or color coat

2How to Repair Stucco/Exterior Plaster

Stucco can deteriorate or crack over time, due to constant exposure to the elements or other external factors. When you notice damage to your stucco, it is recommended to get it repaired immediately before damage can occur within a building or home.

3Terms to Know for Applying Stucco/Exterior Plaster

Terms to Know

  • Cure: dry
  • Moist Curing: spraying stucco with water to maintain moisture level, during extremely dry weather applications, to prevent weak and brittle stucco.
  • Checking: shrinkage
  • Scratch Coat: the first layer, must cure before second layer is applied
  • Brown Coat: second layer, also known as the “Leveling Coat”, must cure for at least 7-10 days to shrink and allow cracking
  • Finish Coat: exterior layer

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