Foam Shapes

Stylish and versatile accents

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight and can easily be cut into virtually any shape and finished to exhibit any texture, including wood and cement.


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Foam Shapes Styles and Pricing

DWS Building Supply carries Somar Industries Standard Foam Shapes and Unibond Foam Kote.

DWS is an authorized distributor of Somar Industries Standard Foam Shapes and Unibond Foam Kote. Somar Industries’ Unicoat Unibond Foam Kote is a pre-blended dry mixture of cement, sand and fibers and acrylic polymers used to create a fiber-reinforced EPS foam adhesive and base coat. It is specifically formulated to coat EPS foam shapes without the use of reinforcing mesh when used over Portland cement base coats.

With Unibond, you can apply foam shapes to a variety of substances which include: exterior gypsum sheathing, expanded and extruded polystyrene, cement boards EIFS, and all types of masonry and concrete surfaces.

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