Foam Shapes

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), is s an excellent choice for your architectural wall surface design treatments. EPS is lightweight and can easily be cut into virtually any shape.

EPS foam shapes from DWS Building Supply is used for a variety of architectural moldings including crown molding, columns, capitals and bases, dental molding, balustrades, brackets and parapet caps. It can be finished smooth to look like painted wood or coated with a cementitious coating to look like concrete.


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DWS Building Supply Foam Shapes

  • Sizes are as follows: First size number is “A” measurement, second size number is “B” measurement as per diagram below.
  • All shapes come in 96” (8’) lengths standard, but can be cut to 48” (4’) lengths as well.
  • Arches can be custom made to order for all standard foam shapes. Only true radius arches can be made.
  • Columns come cut in two halves with the center cut-out as shown in this catalog. Columns come in 96” (8’) lengths only.
  • Some shapes can be “flex-cut” on the back side of the shape to be able to flex for surfaces that require bending of the shape. Ask Somar Industries LTD. For more details.
  • Many other custom shapes and sizes can be custom made to order. Other Column Styles Include Balusters, Different Capital and Base Designs, Quoins, Keystones, Wall Plant- Ons, Dentils, Sills and Wall Caps. Consult with Somar Industries LTD. for additional design options available.

Technical Support is available upon request.

Foam Shapes Catalog