How to Install Veneer Stone

  1. Clean the dust from the stone and place the adhesive. Using a mason trowel, apply paste on the reverse side of the stone.
  2. Combine and mix several boxes of stone to achieve a more natural look. Always start your installation on a corner.
  3. Depending on the type of stone, you can use an electric saw, hammer or pliers to make the desired cut. Press the pieces down ensuring that your adhesive is properly set.
  4. For the grouting, prepare a thick mix of adhesive. ALWAYS use a grout bag to apply grout. Apply evenly making sure the grout does not drip over the stone.
  5. Remove the excess adhesive with the brush handle. Use the brush bristles to detail.
  6. Your wall is now ready. You can use anti-graffiti sealants or water repellant to give it the desired finish.

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