The success of your project is dependent on your skills and the right equipment.

DWS only offers the most durable and reliable equipment, from brands known to value quality as much as you.

From compressors and sprayers to concrete machines and scaffolding, we have the equipment you need to get the job done.

Available equipment:

Concrete Machines
Plaster Machines
Portable Generators


DWS Building Supply carries new scaffolding for exterior and interior use.

We carry the Baker's scaffold for interior use and Scaffolding Frames and Accessories that meet or exceed ANSI/OSHA requirements for exterior. Below are the items that we carry in stock. If you would like to see the entire list of items we can order for your job site needs, click here for the full catalog. Exterior Scaffolding that we carry uses punched hole accessories.

Available Scaffolding:

Drywall Carts
Pins/Pig Tail
Base Plate

Interior Scaffold
Access Ladders
Hoist and Bracket System
Guard Rail
Half Rung
Mortar Stands
Trestles and Extensions

Additional Scaffolding

Walk Thru Frame

Ladder Frame

Access Ladder Bracket

Post Guard Rail With Fliplock

Screw Jack With Base Plate


Guard Rail

Base Plate

Mortar Stand


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